LCF in a song!

Can you hear it
Can you hear it
It's their cries in the night
Beggin' for someone to take them home
And show them Love

Can you imagine
Yes sit & think
How would you feel inside
If Life's, left you alone
Without Love

Does you heart fell the pain
Do your tear fall down like rain
Can hear their Prayers fainting in the dark of night
An as your heart opens up
Do you think you can find the Love
down deep — Deep inside
To give them the hope
And give them a cahnce of a better life

Can you feel it
Can you feel it
It's their hearts pourin' out
As their dreams drifted away
And their life fell apart
In it, —- They had no say,
For  a better Life
Children who are all alone
All alone

We've gotta take them by their hand
And We've gotta give them a second chance
We've got ta be their to hold them
The thr stormy Nights,
And give them Hope
For a Better Life
The Children who are all alone,
All alone

Repeat Chorus:

So let's join hands
And together make a stand
That these little one's won't be lonely anymore

Repeat Chorus and fade out…

Lyrics By: Thomas W. Wolfe
Date: Decmeber 16,2010 .

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