Our History

Lebanese Children Foundation ( LCF ) is formed in 1986 by Fares Francis a Lebanese-American insurance agent and founder of the foundation, born and
raised in Beirut, Lebanon as a teen-ager he witnessed first hand the devastation effects of civil war.  Lebanon was known as the Switzerland of the Middle East.
But in 1974, the peaceful climate turned chaotic as the bedlam of civil war changed the country into a battle zone.
In 1976, Fares Francis fled from the violence in Lebanon to establish American roots in Cleveland, Ohio built comfortable lives and successful insurance careers. But the trouble in Lebanon persists, and Francis is desperately trying to help the forgotten victims of the war – Children.
In April 1985 Fares Francis returned to Lebanon for his brother's funeral he was killed at the age 26, during the trip, Francis was distressed at the destruction of Beirut and how orphaned children roamed the streets . Those sights prompted Francis to found the Lebanese Children Foundation, a non- profit organization that provides assistance to orphanages, families and youngsters regardless of their religious or political beliefs.
Today we stand tall and proud with our achievements for our children to become advocates for tolerance and peace, many children in Lebanon miss out on their education because : 

  •  They are made to work
  •  Their families do not have the means to pay for schooling
  •  Discrimination undermine their chance to receive an education

LCF is recognized by the US House of Representatives as a leader and commend it by Hon. Edward F. Feighan of Ohio for unselfish commitment to the children of Lebanon.  For an extract of the 99th Congressional Record Click Here

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