Our Purpose

The Purpose of Lebanese Children Foundation is to help financially, represent and to
advocate for the less fortunate, which is children and families in poverty, there isa
over one Billion people lives on less than dollar a day. These Children and families are
to familiar with poverty, LCF  inspire them to become valuable advocates for
tolerance and peace.
Children are the future, we must provide adequate education, LCF partners with many orphanages and families in need to provide the support in teaching them with materials from basic reading and writing to a trade and skills for our teens.
LCF is trying to help every child in Lebanon or children from Lebanese descent
around the world, we visit the orphanages , we talk and listen to the children,
they don't ask much from us, they want peace and security, to be loved and care for .
" We are here because we know literacy is the key to unlocking the cage of human
misery ; the key to delivering the potential of every human being ; the key to opening
up a future of freedom and hope. We are here to open a decade that must
translate that hope into reality." _ Kofi Annan, Former Secretary -General, United Nations. 

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